Averill is a classically trained painter who started working in acrylic and watercolour at the age of fourteen and later began digital art in 2018. Her work blends realism, impressionism, and digital techniques to invite us to pause, explore, and drink life in. She sees art as an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level, challenge them, and help them express themselves. 


Art begets art. Averill’s current series, Female Orgasm, was inspired in part by an episode of the Netflix docuseries Explained, and in part by the strong, empowering, sex-positive women and performers the series features. This work illustrates and celebrates sensations, metaphors, and feelings that women experience during orgasm. 


Most of the models in Female Orgasm are from Vancouver, BC, where Averill lives. The series is as much a product of Averill’s own journey as it is an invitation for you to pause, explore, and drink in your own orgasmic moments.